Paper of Childrens Literature and Its Impact on Todays Youth

Topics: Education, School, Train station Pages: 2 (796 words) Published: March 7, 2013
There were number of children’s rights that were advocated by Janusz Korczak that I found both controversial and difficult to implement but since I have to pick one, I feel that the every Childs right to education is the one that is hardest to implement in the world today. Part of the reason I believe this is hard to implement is due to the fact that I am from India, a country in which more than half of the people are considered so poor that they cannot even eat two meals a day, let alone have their children be educated at a school or any other institution for that matter. I agree with Korczak when he says a child has the right to education. Unfortunately the child does not have control over the environment and the conditions into which he is born. Countries in Africa are another example of how hard it is to provide education for children when the parents of the children are not even formally educated. This makes it impossible to know what is right for their own child, or even make an educated decision regarding whether they should attempt to send their child to school or just go with village traditions.

I remember as a child when I would be on the school bus on the way to school, I would look outside the window at the stop signs and see children picking up trash at the side of the street. I would think to myself, why don’t they have to go to school? After reading about Korczak’s life and what he has to say about children I realize how much of a privilege it has been for me to be able to get an education. Since everyone cannot afford to go to school, education is a dream for a lot of children in the world as opposed to a birth right which Korczak so dearly wants it to be. In a country as poor as India, government schooling is limited to only the big cities. The children in the rural parts of the country have not even heard of schools and have no chance of getting an education thereby becoming a huge challenge to the way Korczak envisions a child’s life to be....
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