Paper Dolls

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"The Paper Dolls" is a documentary film which features the lives of a group of Overseas Filipino Gay Workers in Israel who call themselves "The Paper Dolls". These people possess the characteristics of a typical Filipino. They are hardworking, loving, and most of all God-fearing. The Paper Dolls work as caregiver of the elders in the morning and as dancing queens of disco bars at night.

In some ways, I admire the Paper Dolls. Despite the criticisms given, they still chose to stay in Israel and show the people their true identity. Despite the feeling of homesick, they still work abroad to take care of these elders to earn for a living. Despite the environment in Israel, the still have the courage to live. I admire them. By being bisexual, they know that they would lose some things --- love of parents, gaining disrespect from the society. Still they chose to sacrifice these just to be themselves. These people, like children, don't pretend. They do what they think is right for them even if they would suffer harsh consequences. They still opened up themselves to show others their real identity. These paper dolls are worth admiring. They are really some kind of a hero.

The Paper Dolls' situation in Israel is hazardous.

The Paper Dolls' lives are so unpredictable, it is like taking a blindfold off not knowing what to expect. The environmental condition of Israel makes their lives worse. One time, a bomb goes off while the Paper Dolls was in the area. Luckily they were not harmed. They said that an incident like that is very common but the feeling is still traumatizing. After that incident, the security became very tight, especially to the foreign workers. A lot of illegal foreign workers were deported back to their country.
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