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Topics: Terrorism, Posttraumatic stress disorder, September 11 attacks Pages: 4 (639 words) Published: February 20, 2013
a. Summarize the article. Include the points that you felt were most important. b. Identify any problems in the case study…why was this a case study? What problems are significant and warrant action? What solutions were used and were they effective? c. Identify 3 alternative solutions that you would recommend for the problems identified in the case study. What are the advantages/disadvantages of each of the alternative solutions? d. Explain how you would implement each of your alternative solutions. e. Identify how current technology could be used to implement your alternative solutions. f. Conclude with a discussion of how lessons learned from this case study could improve readiness and preparedness for future problems.

This document covers vital steps to prevent or minimum the possibility of terrorist

attack and how to prepare and react to natural disaster. It covers all aspect of terrorist

attack from air, sea, and land to cyber attack which known extreme terrorist groups use. It

included the breakdown of departments responsibility and their roles to maintain a high

level of security. This plan is not a full proof document but it is a great guideline to

follow and abide by to start and build a great anti-terrorist and natural disaster strategy.

Although the document covers a lot of essential points I feel that it needs more details on

how to prevent large shipping cargo deploying from foreign countries. I know we how

things in place to screen and scan for things within the cargo. I feel that’s the area where

groups like Al Qaida will explore and have a great success to accomplish inflicting fear

and pain on American citizens will be through Cargo shipment.

One of the several key points I take away from the document is the way

address all different aspects of terrorist attacks. A unified front with all departments of

security and political involvement has helped...
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