Paper Assignment Outliers

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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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Step 1: Read the book Outliers in its entirety, except chapters 1 and 6. You may read 1 and 6 if you like but are not required to do so and your grade on this paper will be unaffected either way. I would suggest you read the questions below carefully before you commence reading; completing this task will be easier if you have in mind what you are looking for as you read. Step 2: In 4 to 6 pages, please answer all the questions below. Your essay should include an introductory paragraph that gives an overview of your arguments. Your essay should also include a conclusion where you again summarize your argument, but in a manner different from your introduction; by the conclusion, you should be in a position to remind your reader not only what your position is, but also rehearse for the reader whatever evidence and logic gives your position cogency.

Questions (please answer ALL questions)

a)What kind of explanation of outliers does Gladwell proposes in his book? What kind of explanation does he challenge?

b)According to Gladwell, is the explanation of outliers he would challenge widely accepted or not? Do you agree (please explain your agreement or disagreement)?

c)According to Gladwell, does the explanation of outliers we accept make much of a difference, and if so, how? Again, do you agree (please explain your agreement or disagreement)?

d)Does Gladwell feel that adopting his explanation of outliers would enable us to increase the realization of human potentialities? If so, please discuss how. To answer this question, you are advised to focus in on one or two of his case studies.
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