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Taylor Wall
April 20, 2011
Movie Analysis Essay
Michelle Abbott
Maximus is one of the most inspirational heroes there is. After his family is crucified on his own house, and his emperor slain for thinking his son not worthy of being Emperor, he works his hardest to not only revenge Commodus for slaying them, but to give the Roman people what they deserved; Their Senate, and their power back. Maximus has man attributes that you do not see from the common heroes. He not only seeks revenge, but he still cares for the people around him, and protects them to his fullest capacity. Many people have their own definitions of heroes. Whether it is the Beowulf type of hero that helps others needs and wants by defeating monsters who threaten their city, and do little for himself, or the typical hero who saves the town, or saves the gorgeous girl from death. Maximus is a hero of his own. He is strong hearted, respectful to his authoritative figures, and only fights the current Emperor Commodus to revenge the deaths of his family, and to avenge the death of the true Emperor Commodus’s father, but does this knowing that he will die, and be reconnected with his family up in the heavens. Throughout his journey he is focused on living to get the opportunity to accomplish these two goals. Maximus is the definition of a tragic hero through my eyes, and personally the most inspirational hero there is. The one thing that differentiates Maximus from the standard hero type is that he is constantly mourning the ones that he has lost and loved, and will not stop until he is reunited with them. There are many steps from Joseph’s Campbell Hero’s Journey that Maximus matches. The Call of Adventure is a big one, the second Maximus escapes from execution only to see his Wife, and Son crucified on his door steps. At this point in the movie he realizes his call is to revenge Commodus crimes, and restore order in Rome. The Belly of the Whale is a major step Maximus goes through....

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