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This past fall I have had the pleasure of interning with Bill Cosby, on the set of OBKB and OBKB Grown-Upps Morgan State University Baltimore, MD edition. This was the most rewarding opportunity I have ever experienced. There is a lot involved in creating a show. Pre-production was very essential to the success of the show as well as hard work. Filming the show and making sure that everything runs smoothly has its challenges and its rewards. However having the opportunity of meeting, working and networking with some of the most inspiring, talented and very professional staff in the industry was a dream come true. The set of OBKB Baltimore edition was created on stage at the Morgan State University’s Lamb Turpin Theatre. Building a production set is no easy task. There are several different components in creating a set; Lighting, audio, placing of props, and camera placement are some of the main factors. I had the pleasure of assisting in the backdrops which were the OBKB signs for the two shows. One may think that hanging up backgrounds was a simple task; it was not. We had two signs OBKB and OBKB Grown-Upps. The signs were large, long and white. While working we had to ensure that the custom made sign did not get dirty. This was difficult because the floor was dirty from all the workers. In addition we had to measure the backdrop and then use a crane and create a hook at the top of the stage strong enough to hold the sign in place. We made the hook ourselves using rope and metal clamps. This was done for both signs. After we created the hooks and knotted them for safety we had to practice switching the signs. This was done for safety

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