Topics: Library, Google services, Interlibrary loan Pages: 4 (1353 words) Published: May 29, 2014
Mr. Randy Millers’ Research Development for your Thesis Project

Mr. Randy Miller, prior to coming to Liberty University, was an assistant pastor and a school principal. He worked at a school radio station prior to becoming a librarian. In his research development presentation Mr. Miller went over several different points that are in very important in the thesis research part of the project. The first thing he discussed how ez-proxy is used to determine if you are currently enrolled as a student at Liberty University when you are trying to access information off-campus. While on campus we if we use the guest log in, we would not be able to access all the databases. Mr. Miller discussed how our thesis project should be a persuasive project not an informative project. And that we as writers and researchers do not need to start something that we do not know anything about. And we do not need to make this a big academic project. Mr. Miller discussed the many different ways we as researchers can locate materials that we need for our thesis project. Mr. Miller gave us a list of some accounts that he recommends us to establish. These accounts are: Iliad account, which is for interlibrary loan and document delivery for materials that are owned by another library. World cat, with this account you are able to create a list and automatically generate formatted bibliographies. Ebsco account, within in this account you are able to save all your articles into a folder. This account will also send you emails when new materials are published about your topic. Gmail account, with this account you are able to send large files because your Liberty email account will not send PDF’s of a certain size. With the Gmail account you are also able to create Google alerts when new websites are created that pertain to your topic. Drop box account, this is an account that you can install on your computer. This account allows you to back up all documents into a folder and it allows you...
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