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Topics: Fiction, Season, Winter Pages: 2 (288 words) Published: January 20, 2013
Outline Paper 2:
Jack Akram

With regards to at least two literary works, explain how the setting both influences the characters and reflects the author's own context

a) Seasons in a year and how the seasons go along with the plot and Mikages emotions.
b) The different types of kitchens Mikage goes to as the story develops shows the maturity level of Mikage and how it develops.
c) The indoor and outdoor setting use from Yoshimoto. Yoshimoto uses the comparisons of life in the Tanabe household and Mikages encounters with the 'outside' world to show the difference between 'indoor' and 'outdoor' setting.

Paragraph 1:
-Yoshimoto uses the setting of certain scenes to show how a certain character like Mikage develops. A good example of this would be how the story goes through certain seasons of a year. Certain seasons can represent how Mikage feels, for summer Mikage feels happy and motivated whereas in winter Mikage feels pain and unhappiness.

a) During winter she lost family members and felt pain and sorrow and was in a state of grief whereas in summer she was happy and started to turn her life by becoming more happy.

Paragraph 2:
-Yoshimoto uses Kitchen to show the readers Mikages level of Maturity. Throughout the story Mikage becomes more and more mature. Yoshimoto uses the kitchens she goes to, to show the readers how her maturity has prospered.

Paragraph 3:
- Yoshimoto uses indoor and outdoor setting to show the readers Mikages descriptions and experiences of the 'outside' world. They do this by juxtaposing (comparing) life in the Tanabe household with Mikages encounters with the outside world.

a) Repeat three points and examples of the three points in context with the book.
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