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Throughout the civilization of the world many countries have been made. Countries came about along with agreements and disagreements to help one another. These agreements can be known as the Euro zone which is in European countries, or also known as allies in other countries. Many countries have gone through economic struggles along with social problems through the years, but each is different. Each country has a background to consider, along with the aid from others and different events in history that make up the country today. The United States is completely different than a small country in the Middle Eastern countries, while other countries in Europe are completely different. Greece has been known for tourism and economic downturn, but we must consider their history, cultural values, and business. A.History of Greece

Aristotle said: “All who are able, may gain virtue by study and care, for it is better to be happy by the action of nature than by chance. To entrust to chance what is most important would be defective reasoning.” (Gill, n.d.). Aristotle is just one of many individuals that resided in Greece at some point in his life. Greece began off as a location known for their Gods, stone work, and philosophy. The Odyssey, a world-wide known poem was based out of Greece, thus beginning the education demands. After the University of Athens was taken, young males were encouraged to become educated for the future (A History of Greece, n.d.). Throughout the years Greece has shifted in all aspects to evolve with time. The government is made up of the Prime Minister and individuals making decisions for the country, and continues to stand that way today. The country has been under an economic downturn for quite some time and continues to struggle to this day. There are ties between the United States and Greece even though they are half way across the world from one another. In 1974 there were troops invading the country of Greece, thus forcing a good amount of the citizens to leave (Kaloudis, 2008). The current rule of Greece fell and left its country a mess until it gained its ground again and began a democracy rule. During this timeframe, the citizens moved from Greece to other countries, one of those being the United States (Kaloudis, 2008). After Greece gained their democracy rule in their country, much of the citizens began settling in their home country and stopped moving to other countries. This allows the ties between the United States and Greece to be closer as for there being many Greek individuals living in the country. By looking back at the history of individuals moving from Greece to the United States allows the cultures to be closely tied together. This allows the connection between the two countries to go back further in time than just business relations.

B.Current Greece Standings

Greece currently is in an economic recession, and has been for years. Economically, Greece became part of the euro currency in hopes of bettering the country. Within time, Greece ended up hurting the other euro spending countries due to the rates and worth of the euro shifting in value. “In early May, the Greek parliament, Euro-area leaders, and the IMF Executive Board approved a 2-year €110 billion (about $145 billion) adjustment program to be monitored jointly by the European Commission, the European Central Bank, and the IMF” (Greece: Introduction, 2013).

Greece has recently become more open to political change. The country still possesses a Prime Minister along with a President. The government in a way reflects our government here in the United States, but also similar to European countries. The government has a huge role in the current issues taking place in Greece, and may need to be investigated to help the country stabilize. Not only does the government play main role in the current state Greece is in, but so does the society of the country. The tourist, the...
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