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Lauren K

Analysis of Taylor Swift’s Song “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” from album “Red”

Thesis Statement: In analysis of Taylor Swift’s song “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” from her newest released album “Red”, she uses a common relationship theme with a strong tone and independent female character to evoke a strong confident message delivered by a strong confident woman as depicted through lyrics and on the cover through style, color choice and lighting.

My analysis will look at the central idea of the song lyrics, the attitude conveyed by the song writer, and compare the artist’s personality and motivation to mine, while looking at the symbolic meaning (if any) of the lyrics, the central idea of the song, along with the emotions the song evokes and explain my thoughts and views on the style, color, and lighting of the album cover “Red”.

Taylor Swift’s song “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” is as straight-forward as it can be which is characteristic of country music. Taylor Swift started out as a country music singer and has now crossed over genres to “pop” music. This song is definitely a cross-over hit with characteristics of today’s time and place of “pop” music. Taylor Swift has no social aim or any intended message other than expressing her positive or negative emotions through a song. I do not have to read tabloid magazines to learn about her broken or new relationships, I just have to wait for a new song to come out. Therefore, I like knowing what to expect from her song writing.

Taylor Swift has transformed into a strong confident woman from a young teen idol over the past few years and this song takes her from the young teenager to the young woman learning about love and relationships. The interesting thing about her songs is trying to figure out which current or past relationship she is talking about. If I could write songs I would probably be inclined to write about my past...
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