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Genesis Parker 71104 May 7, 2013 Lesson 19
Simple Sentences
A simple sentence consists of one independent clause that contains a subject (noun or pronoun) and a predicate (verb). Pam is president of her class.
Kevin walks to and from school.
Reading mystery novels is my favorite pastime.
The captain of the team is out with a badly sprained ankle.
A simple sentence may have as its subject more than one noun or pronoun (compound subject) and as its predicate more than one verb (compound predicate). She bought a new easel.
Mary and I received two pictures.
Ali cleaned and polished his trumpet.
He and I cleaned and cooked the fish.

Jorge and Rosa read AURA by Fuentes.
Hamad and Janelle writes his own poems.
Sara talked with Mona at the concert and Lee talked with her, also. Mel and Suzy chooses and buys his own art supplies

As you work for higher skill, remember that how well you key fast is just as important as how fast you key. How well you key at any speed depends in major ways upon the technique or form you use. Bouncing hands and flying fingers lower the speed, while quiet hands and low fingers reaches increase speed.

Few of us ever reach what the experst believe is perfect technique, but all of us should try to approach it. We must realize that good form is the secret to higher speed with dewer errors. We can focus our practice on the improvement of the features of good form that will bring success.
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