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4. Martin Van Buren, 1837-1841 --- Democrat
VP--Richard M. Johnson
Major Items
A. Panic of 1837- was a financial crisis in the United States that touched off a major recession that lasted until the mid-1840s. Profits, prices and wages went down while unemployment went up.

B. 1.Specie Circular- was an executive order issued by U.S. President Andrew Jackson in 1836 and carried out by succeeding President Martin Van Buren. It required payment for government land to be in gold and silver.

2. No bank of the United States-Van Buren opposed not only the creation of a new Bank of the United States but also the placing of Government funds in state banks. He fought for the establishment of an independent treasury system to handle Government transactions.

C. Unsound financing by state governments- Martin Van Buren passed the "Divorce Bill" in 1840 which created this that took the government's funds out of the pet banks that Jackson created and put them in vaults in several of the largest cities. This way the funds would be safe from inflation.

Ante Bellum Period, 1840-1860

1. William Henry Harrison, 1841- Whig
V.P. -- John Tyler
Secretary of State-- Daniel Webster

2.John Tyler, 1841-1845 -- Anti Jackson Democrat ran as VP on Whig Ticket
Secretary of State -- Daniel Webster
Major Items
A. Webster- Ashburton, 1842- signed August 9, 1842, was a treaty resolving several border issues between the United States and the British North American colonies. It resolved a dispute over the location of the Maine-New Brunswick border, established the border between Lake Superior and the Lake of the Woods, originally defined in the Treaty of Paris, reaffirmed the location of the border in the westward frontier up to the Rocky Mountains defined in the Treaty of 1818, called for a final end to the slave trade on the high seas, and agreed to shared use of the Great Lakes.

B. Vetoes Clay's bill for 3rd Bank of the United States-Tyler...
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