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The Albany Marriott Marketing Plan
By Heidi Bendick

Heidi Bendick04/15/2010
Marketing Plan

1. Background and Objectives:
The Albany Marriott is a business hotel located in the heart of Albany, NY. Albany was discovered by Henry Hudson in 1609. Albany is New York State's capital along the Hudson River. It is a city in which is filled with contemporary government buildings, colonial mansions as well as 19th-century townhouses. This hotel has 359 guest rooms with luxurious bedding, spacious bathrooms, and a separate sitting area. The Albany Marriott was bought by Columbia Sussex Corporation a few years ago. Even though the hotel is owned by Columbia Sussex, the hotel keeps the name Marriott. Not only is the name the same but the hotel follows all of the Marriott standards and benefits. The objective in which this hospitality business is going to take is to maintain current levels of business and to identify additional opportunities for promotion. 2. External Analysis:

A. The Market:
1. Potential market segments are a wide range of people. Including business people throughout the State and even Country, and also people State wide for personal or company events. 2. Albany, NY is doing exceptionally well on sales, the economy has not affected rooms sales as much as numerous other hospitality businesses in other areas has been effected. B. Trends:

1. Political trends remarkably affect the Albany Marriott because the local of the hotel are within miles of the Capitol building and Capitol affairs. Many politicians stay at the Albany Marriott and some attend conventions in which the Albany Marriott holds. 2. Social trends affect the Albany Marriott as well. Many auctions are held at the Albany Marriott as well as fundraisers, holiday parties, ceremonies, weddings and much more. These social events bring many people throughout the state to the Albany Marriott. 3. Technological meeting equipment is all inclusive for planned events at the Albany Marriott. Such equipment includes, AV equipment, Film projector, LCD Panel, LCD projector, Overhead projector, Rear screen projection, and a stage in which is installed and portable. C. The competition: The Desmond: on Albany Shaker Road, Albany NY. This hotel is about the same size as the Albany Marriott with the guest rooms and banquet rooms approximately the same size. This hotel brings in a lot of business people and social events in the banquet department. It’s a very popular place for particularly romantic weddings of usually large numbers. The custom work throughout the hotel and antiqued style attracts people with a certain taste for either the weekend getaway or their stay. Crown Plaza: In Downtown Albany, NY. This hotel is very popular for business people who come to Albany for business. A lot of politicians stay here because of the convenient location just a few blocks from the capitol buildings where important conferences are held. Also a very popular place for people who are either performing or attending events at the Times Union Center, whether it be a concert, hockey game or dirt bike race. Holiday Inn: Located on Wolf Road in Albany, NY. This hotel is about one minute away from the Albany Marriott. This hotel attracts the same exact people the Albany Marriott attracts, business people and social events. The only difference that a guest may prefer the Albany Marriott over the Holiday Inn is that either a built relationship with the Marriott, reputation of the Albany Marriott, or the cost of the Marriott is slightly more that the Holiday Inn. D. Potential target markets include business people, politicians who are performing work at the capitol, businesses with a large spending budget, large convention groups. Usually Middle aged people stay at this hotel. 3. Internal Analysis:

A. Product or service:
1. Tangible assets include the location of the Albany Marriott, in the heart of Albany, NY, the great...
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