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Diseases such as food borne illness in eating food. Everyone must have knowledge what they could get if don’t practice food sanitation.

Main Points in Sanitation
To ensure high standards of sanitation, the following essentials should be complied with: 1. Physical equipment and layout should be conducive to good sanitary practices. 2. Food should be safeguarded in distribution and services. 3. Food should be handled, stored and refrigerated so as to prevent spoilage and contamination. 4. Vermin and rodents should be eliminated from food services. 5. Adequate employee supervision, as well as a constant program of education insanitation should be maintained.

Sanitary Consideration in Food Manufacturing Plant
The design layout and maintenance of building and equipment and establishment and maintenance of sanitary practices in food manufacturing plant and food. Service establishes are key considerations if safe, wholesome foods are to be manufactured. These factors often spell the difference between excellent quality of food and potentially hazardous ones. (Stokes, 1973)

And here are some sanitary considerations.
First area/ Places such as kitchen should be well organized and clean because this is where food usually made. Dining area should also be well cleaned and in order, because this is the place where food usually served. (Taborda, 2011) Second is the storage area; storage area should also well organized and well cleaned avoid spoilage refrigerator is one the common storage area it should be regularly cleaned the dishes should have covered before you put it inside. Chiller is also one place you can store food. Like refrigerator it must be well-cleaned. The cabinet where you can put foods that is not required to be frozen or not easily gets spoil. Kitchen utensils or equipment is also a sanitary consideration. Utensils such as spoon and forks should handle and sanitize well to avoid contamination when contact...
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