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Case Study Analysis

Case Study Analysis
Good morning, my name is Sims and I am the VP of ABC Inc. and I am going to discuss a certain issue that happened involving a new campus recruiter named Carl Robinson. Carl Robinson and several of our ABC Inc. employees were involved in a bad situation which was caused by poor communication, procrastination and scheduling. Like all good teams they learned from their mistakes to make sure the problem does not happen again.

After coming back to work from the memorial weekend Carl Robins the new campus recruiter for ABC Inc., realized that the new hire orientation was two weeks away. Carl started to go through the new trainee files and realized that not much has been done regarding the new trainees and the orientation. Carl began to panic because he had assured Monica Carrolls, the operations supervisor, that everything was ready for the orientation. Carl needs to put together a plan to make sure this new hire orientation goes smoothly.

Carl had assured Monica that everything from the training schedule to the orientation manual was all arranged. Due to the lack of communication, poor scheduling, and procrastination; nothing has been completed. Some of the new trainees have not completed their applications nor were their transcripts not on file. The clinic has not seen any of the new trainees for the mandatory drug test and the orientation manuals are incomplete. After speaking to Joe from technology services, Carl found out that the training room he was supposed to use for the new hires is reserved for the entire month of June for a training seminar. With the orientation to be held on June 15th, it seems like there is no way Carl is going to have the trainees ready for work by July. With only six months on the job, it seems like Carl is going to have a rough time figuring this one out. There is no time to point fingers and blame others for the mishaps involving the new trainee orientation.

So why...
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