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What's the best thing to eat before a game?
What's the best thing to eat before a game? Before a game you want carbohydates(excuse the spelling) and minerals.Carbohydrates are a source of energy.One of the highest sources of carbrohydates is Pastas.Pastas store carbohydrates in you stomach for about 3 hours.In wich you could use for a soccer game.Gatorade would also be good but I'mn ot a 100% on that one.

You've probaly heard of the cross-over from basketball but Soccer Maniac's Site has kind of "developed" a soccer cross-over.Your going to have the ball in your left foot.Then your going to push itover to your right foot fake right with your shoulders, then sprint your to your left.

Passing is an essential part of soccer.You want to hit it sideways in the mid-center of your foot (shown in blue) as shown in the pic. First like shooting, put the foot you are not hitting the ball with beside the ball.Then follow through by hitting with the side of your foot in the center like in the pic.

Grip the ball on the sides makeing a W shape.Take a couple a quick steps and take the ball behind your neck then while dragging your foot throw.

Here is a good training program
 30 sit-ups
 10 push-ups
 10 minuts of running
 25 feet to hand to sit-ups
 quad stretching
 15 second long step up session
 other thing included in "improve your skills

Start Here
Soccer can be played as a simple recreation. Any piece of spare ground and any type of round ball being good enough for a kick-about. And soccer can be played at varying competitive levels. From street teams through organised amateur leagues to top level professional competitions where star players such as England captain David Beckham who plays for Spanish club Real Madrid, can earn up to $37 million per year through salary, sponshorship deals and image rights

Soccer can also be watched, listened to, discussed, read about and enjoyed as a sport - without the need to break sweat.

You'll soon be a expert.

Soccer For Beginners
Begin at the beginning and learn the basics.

The Rules of Soccer
The Rules of soccer are easy to understand - there are only 17 fundamental laws - but every beginning player and every fan must learn and understand these rules and know how they are applied on the field of play. The Laws and Rules of Soccer

History of Soccer
Having got to grips with the basics of the game you need to know a little about the history of a game that's been around since the second century BC. The Essential History of Soccer

Recreational soccer needs no special equipment - only some free space in which to kick a ball around. But to play a game of organised soccer there are several essential items of equipment which every player must have - and every game requires.

The Equipment You Need

Soccer Training
If you're a parent with a child that plays soccer there are camps and courses available that span the spectrum from kick-about fun to taking a first step towards a career in the professional game. The David Beckham Academy

Skill Drills
If you've already started to play soccer and want to improve your stamina, speed and ball control skills - you can get great tips and practice drills on specialist websites such as Soccer Training Info, a resource center set up by a group of former professional players. Improve your skills

The FA provides online courses for coaches while The US National Soccer Players Association provides invaluable tips for players, coaches, Moms and more

The US National Soccer Players Association also provides invaluable tips for players, coaches, Moms and Dads. Crossing the Ball

To be on top form a soccer player must eat well - as diet affects energy level and performance as well as overall health. Here's some healthy eating guidlines for soccer players in training. Eat Well to Play Well

Watching Soccer
Watching soccer is...
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