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Reason for Evaluation
Chayce Barrett, a first grade student, is currently enrolled in the general education classroom at Adelle Turner Elementary School. He has been receiving special education services under the disability criteria of Speech Language Impairment. On his initial Speech and Language assessment in 2009, Chayce qualified in the area of moderate articulation and severe language impairment. He has been receiving Speech Therapy on a pull out service delivery model and per treating Speech Therapist’s report has made “satisfactory” progress. A full three year reevaluation was conducted to determine if he continues to meet the disability criteria in the area of Speech and Language Impairment.

Speech and Language Assessment
A full Speech and Language evaluation was conducted in a distraction free environment on September 11, 2012. Chayce willingly came with evaluator to a quiet testing room. During the evaluation distractions were minimal. Chayce was talkative, active, eager, and required moderate redirection to attend to tasks. Testing was considered to be a reliable and valid measure of his language/communication abilities at this time. Factors such as environment or cultural background, education deprivation or second language acquisition were taken into consideration.

All paramenters of voice including quality, pitch, intensity, and resonance are within normal limits at this time. Fluency
Chayce exhibited characteristics of developmental stuttering. During the informal language sample Chayce produced word and syllable repetitions in conversation.

Oral Motor/Peripheral Mechanism
Informal observation of oral mechanism revealed adequate structural and functionality integrity of the oral mechanism to support both speech and non-speech tasks. Structure and function of the tongue, hard and soft palate appeared within normal limits He was able to protrude, elevate, and lateralize his tongue during oral motor tasks. Chayce presented...
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