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  • Published : February 2, 2013
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Breogan Blanco-Rivas
Comm. In action
Assignment 1

Strengths in Communication-

I feel as I have many strengths in communication but the top two that come to the top of my head are fearlessness and multilingual. To expand on that, with fearlessness comes an outgoing personality and that helps me with communicating to everyone. I am able to talk to anyone that is willing to talk back and if you came and heard the conversation you would think that I knew the person for years when in reality I only knew him or her for a few seconds. This helped me when I was a child I always had a lot of friends sometimes to many to even talk to all of them but I found away, all those friends were from different groups or cliques, and that shows that I can fit in with anyone. As for being bilingual that helps now and in the future. Now I go to Spain and I communicate with everyone from there and am able to get along with everyone where if you don’t speak the language you might not get that opportunity. As for the future, most companies are looking for people who have more credentials and what’s better than being able to speak another language.

Weaknesses in Communication/ what I hope to get out of this class -

Even though it is hard to find a weakness in my communication skills I would have to say it is speaking too much. I feel as if every conversation, every text I sent I add to it where I shouldn’t have. I am hoping that I could learn how to cut things out so that I don’t feel like I’m boring the person I’m speaking to.
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