Topics: Heroin, Junkie, Sociology Pages: 4 (1038 words) Published: December 11, 2012
the close proximity of these facilities made it an idea area for a single (or family) to find the help they needed to make the transition back to a more upscale lifestyle. there were many places a person with no money or job could eat, sleep, and socialize. Many locals came to the area from other parts of the city to socialize, drink, and generally escape the areas of town where their questionable behavior, primarily loitering and drinking, was not welcome. Larimer was an ideal refuge because the rules of mainstream society were relaxed. It was a safe-haven where expectations were not an issue. pg. 19

“Drinkers” or “winos” consituted a distinct social group and had a separate social identity from other people in the area. Since winos were unpredicctable and could get violent, most junkies stayed away from them. “Huffers” were another drug-using group inhabiting Larimer. Most hufers were immigrants who, as one heroin user noted “could not afford any other high.” Everyone in the area considered the hufers to be the lowest and most degenerate type of drug users-->”golden boys.” pg 22.

The local heroin-using (junkie) group in Larimer was not, in any specifict way , a formal group: it was open to all ethnicities. It had no leader and no particular membership criteria other than being a heroin injector and spending consistent time on the streets. pg 23. Kurt and Danny’s heroin-dealing operation emerged from and was successful because of their membership in this informal group. pg 24.

Partnerships among the local junkies were not typically based on mutual trust, fondness, or affinity. Relationships between junkies were a matter of survival. Helping each other out was not viewed as generosity or charity but rather as insurance for their own future in maintaining their addiction. pg 24.

This vague reciprocity between local junkies served a duel purpose. On an individual level, it was an efficient survival strategy because it increased resources but it was also...
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