Topics: M25 motorway, Dartford Crossing, River Thames Pages: 3 (797 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Public-private partnerships (PPPs) allow the private sector to take on traditionally public roles in transportation, while allowing governments to access financing needed to ensure the service to the public.    In many cases, PPPs are an effective way to build and implement new infrastructure or to renovate, operate, maintain or manage existing transport infrastructure facilities. Also, PPPs may be a mutually beneficial way for both sectors to solve critical transportation problems. Case study 1: QE2 DARTFORD BRIDGE

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There was an increase in the traffic flow between Thurrock and Dartford, the two existing tunnels count not hold the increasing volume of the traffic, and thus an additional mode of transportation was needed and a new toll bridge at Dartford was required to provide needed additional capacity along the M25 motorway to the two existing tolled tunnels. In March 1986, the Government published guidelines inviting the submission of private sector bids for the design, construction, and operation of a third crossing of the River Thames between Thurrock and Dartford. It was the first fully privatized highway infrastructure project to be constructed in England in the twentieth century, based on a 20-year design-build-finance- operate PPP contract. Project: Design, Construction, and Operation of the Dartford Bridge Project Location: England

Project Worth: $160 million (£86 million)
Concession Period: 20 years from the date of commencement of the operation Project Description:
The QE2 Dartford Bridge is the crossing of the River Thames. The total project provides a 1.73 mile (2.81 km) long four-lane bridge facility that rises 211 feet (65 meters) above the river at its highest point and has a center span of 1,463 feet (450 meters), making it one of the longest concrete cable-spayed bridges in the world and the longest in Europe. Figure The bridge has a capacity of 70,000 vehicles per...
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