Paper 1 Question on the League of Nations

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  • Published : November 8, 2010
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a) What were the aims of the League of Nations? (4)

You need 4 points to get the 4 marks available or two well explained points

The four main aims of the League of Nations were to encourage disarmament, to discourage aggression from any nation, to improve living and working conditions in all parts of the world and to encourage more countries to co-operate, especially in business and trade.

As you see this pupil has clearly noted 4 aims and so gets 4 marks

b) Why did some countries not join the League when it was set up in 1919? (6)

For this answer 3 well explained reasons are required

Some countries did not join the League of Nations when it was set up for many reasons. The USSR did not join because it simply wasn’t allowed to as it had recently had a communist revolution, so the League, who hated communism, had felt it unnecessary for the USSR to join. Germany weren’t allowed to join for obvious reasons – the League was founded in order to discourage aggression and encourage peace. Only peace-loving countries were allowed to join the League and Germany had not yet shown it was a peace-loving country. They had supposedly been the ones to start World War One and so, in the League’s opinion, hadn’t proved they were a peace-loving country The USA didn’t join the League of Nations as, even though Woodrow Wilson (the American representative) had been the one to suggest a League of Nations should be set up, he didn’t have the approval of the remainder of USA. The Americans were firm believers in isolationism and wished to have no part in European affairs – they had been involved in WW1 and weren’t too happy about this as they believed it should have remained a European war. They thought that if they were League members, then they would have to send their troops to every little European dispute and they weren’t prepared to do this and so did not wish to join the League of...
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