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  • Published : January 30, 2013
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Paper 1: Coffee Advertisement
The text is a magazine advertisement for decaffeinated organic coffee, and its purpose is to persuade the reader to buy this product at a local store due to its positive attributes and ideal processing methods. The text, published by the company "global cafe direct," is primarily targeting people who wish to experience "the real taste of coffee without the side effects of caffeine" entering their bodies. Caffeine of course is a stimulant with many side effects of its own, which is why it is most probable that young teenagers and older seniors may be the most likely to buy such a product, however can appeal to coffee drinkers of all ages. In addition, this advertisement is also intended for people who value "fair-trade" and "organic" products, as these two words are stressed throughout the entire picture. Many elements tie in together to make this a very intriguing and convincing endorsement for the reader of the magazine. By using a simple, coherent structure, and variety of stylistic devices along with clever word choice, the illustrator's advertisement for decaffeinated coffee is extremely persuasive. The structure of the advertisement is a primary tool used to persuade the reader into looking into and buying the "decaffeinated organic coffee" product at local stores. One notable aspect of this advertisement, which is not true for many other company endorsements in most magazines, is that it takes up one whole page. This grabs the reader's attention immediately as his or her eyes are only focused on the company, with no other distractions in different areas. It is also evident that the page is divided into two different parts, the top blue box, and the extraneous information below the box. The blue box attracts the most attention due to its bold figure and exquisite use of colour. This works to the company's advantage as the majority of the product information is located inside the blue box. Another advantage is the image in the...
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