Paper 1

Topics: Emotion, English-language films, Building Pages: 2 (400 words) Published: October 3, 2011
Paper 1
A poem that describes bombed cities and destroyed buildings is nothing short of a courageous description. Billy Collins wrote one such poem, entitled, “Building with its Face Blown Off.” Collins’ poem is written in free verse construction and follows that characteristic throughout. The poem very vividly describes a blown up or destroyed building’s remains and ties in the emotion it has within it. The description of Billy Collins’ “Building with its Face Blown Off” is a detailed and involved summary involving many emotions and lots of details about the affects of a building that has been bombed.

In the first section of this poem, many things are revealed. Collins writes about how privacy is violated in the area that has been bombed. He tells how quickly the all the things once behind closed doors are now revealed for the entire world to see. Then he describes how the roof is gone and how now there is no protection from the elements, no security from the outside. The poem speaks of how there is a portrait of a grandfather left in the rubble, kind of like a memory that has past, and how the memories made in the house are now torn apart.

In the second section of the work, lots of description is given as to how the building is changed. Collins speaks of how plumbing was twisted around and walls were uncovered, and he describes it as almost embarrassed. Then, Collins talks about how the view on the house is a doll house, where someone could reach in and just rearrange things inside. He says it might be like a stage set up for a play, like for someone to come by and watch the happenings within.

Lastly, in the third section, the poem speaks about a far away land. In this land, it talks of how a fearless leader is riding, and how two people are having a happy time under a tree, eating and drinking. He ends the poem describing the woman’s hamper and how its contents flourished.

In conclusion, I believe that Collins wrote this poem to really...
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