Papaya Reseach Paper

Topics: Districts of Belize, Fruit, Corozal District Pages: 10 (3111 words) Published: April 18, 2013
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Introduction 3-4
Cultivation and Harvesting5-8
Processing and Packaging9-10
Final Distribution11-14
Data Source Collection15
Conclusion 17
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This project is based on vital survey that we partook on the Papaya Industry of Belize and its commodity chain. Primarily, a commodity chain is a procedure that is used by many firms to bring forth their resources into use and a method that form them into goods and services then make a distribution of the good to the consumers. This commodity chain shows a variety flow and interaction between the producer and its consumers. Our group centered its information on the three most important associations of the commodity chain which includes harvesting and cultivation, packaging and processing and lastly its final distribution. Such method is pursued in the following order:


And Cultivation


Many people are ignorant to the fact that the papaya industry contributes largely towards Belize’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product). It was interesting to find out the amount of GDP the Papaya brings for Belize. Also it must be known that other crops besides the papaya are fairly expanding our country’s GDP are the grains and legumes. Papaya is the most considerable and foremost valuable crop harvested in our country due to its economic potential. Several years ago, estimation of ten years, papaya has been a very successful export from Belize to other foreign countries which will be discussed in the further detail onwards. This crop is commercially produced in the Northern Districts of Belize such as the village of San Carlos, Little Belize, Shipyard and San Joaquin. Smaller branches extended to the Cayo and Stann creek districts.

Papaya is a major commercial crop for Belize, although production is relatively recent. Three large scale producers account for most of the industry’s output, geared primarily to the USA export market. The major growers are:

(i) Fruta Bomba -Orange Walk District in the North
(ii) Little Belize Fruit Packers - Orange Walk District
(iii) Maya Foods Limited – Cayo District
There are two types of papayas that our country produces and exports such as the Solo Sunrise and the Caribbean Red. Successful cultivation and harvesting of Papaya for the export market depends on a reliable supply of good quality water. The companies involved in Papaya production have developed their own farm Drip Irrigation Systems. Farms are also well served with access roads and utilities. The three companies involved in the Papaya Industry are sufficiently large to develop their own marketing support (market promotion / intelligence) and shipping arrangements. Land resource is generally available for large scale production of Papaya in Belize, including the need for rotation and expansion. The availability of large tracks of fertile flat lands in the selected areas makes mechanization possible, as well as achieving high levels of productivity and cost efficiencies. In the Orange Walk district large acreages of sugar cane allows for rotation with Papaya. Also, the relatively large land mass of the country allows isolation of fields, advantageous in pest and disease control and quarantine. The absence of an industry association may be the result of the concentration of the industry to three large producers. However, it should be noted that Little Belize Fruit Packers is indeed a Collective of many individual growers.

Soil & Climate and Requirements
1. Adequate moisture and even distribution of rainfall throughout the year (supply of good quality water). 2. Warm area and plenty of sunlight.
3. Moderate air flow as papaya cannot stand strong winds. This is ideal to keep them dry and avoid fungal infections to remain on the trees....
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