Topics: United States, U.S. state, Federal government of the United States Pages: 2 (660 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Fernando Corona
American Government & Politics
March 06, 2012
How Does Government Affect My Life
The United States makes rules so that no person in this world is harmed none the less. People all over the world steal, lie, and do other bad things like that. Its hard to know why the United States does it. Social Security and Medicare were introduced to deal with the poverty and lack of access to health care of senior citizens.   Much of the technology we now enjoy was initially developed through federal research and development money. Without all the infrastructure established with and supported by federal taxes, there would be much fewer worthwhile jobs for Americans.  That’s a good introduction to give you an idea of how government helps and how much can they do for you. But I decided to write something that almost all of my classmates are going to write about… Because, for some of us that’s the reason of being here, that’s the one and only reason reason we are writing this paper and almost all of the students in the United States of America know how to take benefits on It, yes I’m talking about scholarships, aids, grants & awards. The plan for me was gaining scholarship money, and I never thought it was going to be that simple. I worked hard and applied to every scholarship that I qualified for even for financial aid. Eventually, after all the hard work and time spent on doing lines, writing essays, creating videos, and filling out endless applications. I started seeing results, why? Thanks to the government that helped paid for my school. Scholarships including financial aid that went from saying “You were NOT selected as an applicant” to “Congratulations! We appreciate your interest and applaud for your accomplishments”. I believe that it has been an overall great experience, because what they want you to do, it’s simple STUDY. Evertyhing that they do for you is consider your academic, leadership and community service achievements. If I was to...
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