Papa John's Pizza Corporate Overview

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Papa John’s Pizza is a well-established international franchise restaurant chain from USA and it is the third largest pizza company in the world.

Berjaya Pizza Company Sdn. Bhd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Berjaya Corporation, has signed a franchise agreement with Papa John’s International Inc, to develop and operate Papa John’s restaurants in Malaysia. Berjaya Pizza Company was also granted the first right of refusal for the potential expansion of franchise business to Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. (Papa John’s Pizza 2009)

According to Berjaya Corporation Berhad, currently, there are more than 3,200 Papa John’s restaurants worldwide including 171 restaurants in Asia and other 29 International Countries. Such countries include China, Korea, India, and the Middle East. The very first outlet was opened in Indiana United States back in 1985. A more detailed Papa John’s achievement milestones are available in Appendix A.

Papa John’s success is built on the commitment to ‘Better Ingredients, Better Pizza’. They keep the focus on ‘The Main Thing’ and will consistently deliver a traditional Papa John’s superior-quality pizza. Papa John’s also bring customer satisfaction into one main body – to be consistent, quantifiable, and demonstrable. At Papa John’s, they expect excellence in everything they do.

Accoding to Papa John’s website, P.A.P.A. means People Are Priority Always. Papa John’s Pizza depends upon their ability, as a team, to work together to achieve their goals and expectations.

Their brand personality is friendliness, international branding, Award winning, quality, trustworthy, and casual. With such personalities, Papa John’s Pizza has favoured food, job centre that encourages employees who are seeking for career advancement plan as well as those who are searching for job opportunities. They also offer delivery services, coupons, and other promotional codes.
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