Topics: Woman, Hair, Hair care Pages: 4 (1074 words) Published: January 4, 2013
A one-billion dollar brand became a three-billion dollar world-class category leader. CHALLENGE
Mathilde Delhoume: Hi, I am Mathilde Delhoume, I’m the
Global Advertising Development Manager for Pantene at P & G. Debby Reiner: I’m Debby Reiner, I’m the Global Account
Director on Pantene.
Thomas Puckett: I’m Thomas Puckett, and I’m the Global
Creative Director on Pantene.
MD: Pantene and Grey has been a long story, so as in any
long relationship there has been different phases.
DR: The challenge, when we were assigned the Pantene
business, was to take this small niche, department store
and apothecary brand and really make it a global megabrand. P & G is not in the business of teeny-tiny, niche businesses. They’re really about creating big, global scale noise and really broadly appealing propositions.

TP: How do you not lose what Pantene stands for by going
bigger and broader? The more you appeal to everyone, and
the more you say you have something for everyone, what
do you ultimately end up standing for? That’s also, I find, a big challenge.

“ The challenge was to make Pantene a
global mega-brand.”
DR: The magic really happened because we had an
incredible, strategic nugget. Pantene had this history. It
was born of Panthenol, was the active ingredient. It was all about healing. It was originally created to cure burn victims in World War Two.
TP: Skin, not even hair-related.
DR: So it had all of this mythology around healing and
therapy and the magic really happened when that collided
with some executional—
TP: Magic.
DR: —magic. But the collision of that strategic insight
around health improvement and the incredible execution of
shine that people had never seen before, when those two
things collided that’s when it all sort of took off.
TP: From an insight point of view, delving more into the

emotional territory that the woman lives in. She wants
beauty, but she doesn’t want to just stop at beauty. Beauty is the part...
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