Pantaloon Marketing Strategy

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Project Report on e p

‐ A Marketing Pers spective

Sub bmitted to Dr. A Anita Goya al Pr rofessor, M Marketing Group, IIM Lucknow w

S ubmitted by Group 9
Digvijay A Ade Kapil Thuk kral Priyajeet S Singh R Abhinav v Ravi Shank kar Sandeep K Kumar PGP26012 2 PGP26021 1 PGP26032 2 PGP26033 3 PGP26041 1 PGP26049 9

SECT S TION 1 (Words 1290)
TheCompa any
Pantalo Retail (I oon India) Pvt. Ltd., a part o the Futur Group, is a leading I L of re s Indian opera of ator multiple retail form e mats. It is pr resent in bot the value and lifesty segment of the India th e yle an consum market. mer

ats LeadingForma

Future Group

Pantaloon n R Retail (Indi ia) Pvt. Ltd.

P Pantaloon c chain of fashion n outlets

Big Bazaar B
hypermarket cha h ain

Food Bazaa F ar
supermarket ch hain

Central chain of mal lls

K KeyFacts s
H Headquarte Mumba er: ai O Operating S Space: 16 million squ m uare feets T Total Cities covered: 73 s 7 E Employees: 33500 : A Annual Rev venue/ Tur rnover: `63, ,477 million ($1,328.6 million) ( n 6 (FY2009)

ness LinesofBusin
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. E-Tailing Food Fashion Home Solu ution Telecom & IT General Me erchandise Leisure & E Entertainme ent Wellness & Beauty Books & M Music

Keyproductsa andserv vices
Produc cts: Accesso ories Books Clothes s Electron products nic Entertai inment prod ducts Food pr roducts Footwe ear re Furnitur General merchandi l ise Health a beauty products and Sports g goods Brands s: Food: Brew Ba ar Cafe Bollywood Chamosa Food Ba azaar Sports B Bar Fashion: aLL Big Baza aar Blue Sky y Brand Fa actory Central Fashion Station oper Lee Coo Navaras Pantaloo ons Home and Electronic cs: Collectio i on Electron Bazaar nics e-zone Furniture Bazaar Home B Bazaar Home Town Telecom an IT: nd Gen M One Mobile M Port General M Merchandise e: Big Baza aar Blue Sky y Brand Fa actory Central Navaras Pantaloo on Shoe Fac ctory  

Leisu and ure Enter rtainment: : Bo owling Co. F 123 ness and Beauty: B Welln Fit & Healthy t y Sta Sitara ar Book & Music ks c: De epot

TheProduc ct
Pantal loons, chai of fashion outlets co in overing appa arels and re elated access sories. Pantalo oons Fresh F Fashion stan out as a fashion tren nds ndsetter, on the lines o how fashi is n of ion followe internatio ed onally. The firs Pantaloon was open in Garia st ns ned ahat, Kolkat in 1997. ta

Produ Transitions ucts
Se elling extern brands nal Selling retail ling a mix of external o brands whi at the sa time ile ame in ntroduced it own priva brands ts ate

Categ gory Tran nsition
Family S Store Fa ashion store with an em e mphasis on 'youth' and c clear focus on ‘fresh fashion’ 

Panta aloonsCa ategories
Cas sualwear Ethn nicwear Form malwear Sports swear

SWO OTAnal lysis
Strengths s Presence i 71 cities and 1000 stores acr in ross India Presence o internal bran such as John Miller, Bare of nds n Denim, an Schullers red nd duces dependen on external ncy brands First organ nized retail esta ablished in India and country’s s largest by revenue A fully IT enabled billing system T g Dominant player and con t ntinuous organic and inorganic c growth In house s supply chain ma anagement in th form of Futu he ure Supply Ch hains Solutions (FSCS) limited thus a strong d, control ov its distribution channel ver Diverse po ortfolio coverin different age and income gr ng e roups High volu of sales lea ume ading to econom of scale mies Strong bra equity and h and high credibility in Indian scen y nario Connected with the cultu delicacies of a different reg d ural o gions Loyalty ca and incentiv schemes crea ard ve ating repeat customers s All set for backward inte r egration which will improve m w margins Opportun nities Growing m middle class ba and, especially the youth and t working p population creat ting a broad target segment. Estimated number of mid class peopl is over 60 cro in d ddle le ores 2010. Penetratio into the untap on pped...
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