Panoramic View of Gunung Mat Cincang

Topics: Langkawi, Kuah, Legend Pages: 2 (362 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Panoramic view of Gunung Mat Cincang

Legendary Brawl
In the heart of Langkawi Island sit two prominent mountains called Gunung Raya and Gunung Mat Cincang. And seeming to separate the two is a third mount called Bukit Sawar. Local legend believed the three were actually local giants by the names of Mat Raya, Mat Cincang and Mat Sawar. A long time ago, during a grand engagement kenduri or feast thrown for his daughter, Mat Raya was enraged when he caught his future son-in-law (Mat Cincang’s son) flirting with another maiden at the feast. Such insolence resulted in the most furious fight between the two gigantic families. So intense was the battle that it transformed Langkawi. The engagement ring was irately flung and the place where it landed became known as Tanjung Cincin or Cape of the Ring. In the brawl, the crockery was angrily kicked around and its gravy spilt.


From the broken pieces of crockery emerged the village of Belanga Pecah or Broken Crockery and the area of the spilt gravy became the town of Kuah, which means ‘gravy’ in Malay. And the Hot Springs at Air Hangat is the exact spot where a giant cauldron of hot water is smashed. The fracas had disturbed the sleep of Sang Gedembai of Gua Cerita or Cave of Stories, a bigger giantess possessing malevolent powers of casting deadly curses to anyone who displeases her. Infuriated, she stormed out cursing the brawling giants into mountains of stone, Gunung Mat Cincang and Gunung Raya. Alas, Mat Sawar who tried to reconcile the two was also transformed into the hill called Bukit Sawar, which now separates the two mountains. Besides the panoramic view of these lush mountains, visitors can envision the legendary brawl and other mystifying local legends by visiting Langkawi’s scenic Lagenda Park, situated only 400 metres from Kuah Jetty. The 50-acre sprawling open-air museum allows visitors to journey through local history that is rich with romantic legends and folklore. Opens daily from 8am to...
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