Panlibay Hu Bata

Topics: Emotion, Feeling, Tamil language Pages: 3 (687 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Pangasinan State University
Bayambang Campus
Bayambang, Pangasinan

Submitted by:
John Banjo D. Vargas
ABE IV – 3

Submitted to:
Ms. Charmesh Doria

I. Introduction
The Panlibay Hu Bata is a Poem came from the Province of Bukidnon. This poem is all about a mother who gives some advice and encouragement to her child to continue the journey in life even they are facing poverty and lose of faith. II. Selection

Panlibay Hu Bata
(Bukidnon Poem)
Buwa-buwa, dagwat ka,
Na kalibay tanyagaw ka,
Na hadi ka tag-ala,
Na di ka tagmasinugaw.

Ta sumakit sa ulo ru
Na panyengayengagan ka,
Na di buwayas hu hena na gimba
Bukalendem ba iyan nupagllagen,
Na iyan mupagkalendemen,
Sa yupayepsa tulungan,
Na tudug sadi sal-angen,
Daw kayanag sa katulin.

Ta asem kumag-igway ka
Na yan pamamhangkapen
Sa maningga hagmang-gaden
Na daw ku magmalaki ka,
Na yan pamanpamulungen,
Sa maaniag hagba-handiyan.

Ta da man iyan din agi
Na daw man, andinhidalan,
Sa kuligaw buyawan nu,
Na banting tangkayangen,
Si hinulud nu digbayebeg,
Buwabuwa, tiduga en.

III. Summary
This Poem from Bukidnon shows that as time goes on we must set our goals and continue even there is a trials in life. Once we overcome all the problems and test in life we can be successful and achieve all of our goals. I believe the writer of this literary piece has a strong feelings and emotions for us to get the whole meaning and message of the Poem. IV. Critical Analysis

The Panlibay Hu Bata is a very good poem and it gives us encouragement and inspiration to appreciate the poem. The author of this poem uses such strong emotional feeling to retain its strong emotions and to have more moral lessons show to the poem. And I appreciate the message of the poem because some of us don’t know the hard work of our parents just for us to have a better life and it’s clearly a message to give encouragement for us. I noticed that the author put the emotion only in...
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