Topics: God, Family, Butuan City Pages: 1 (259 words) Published: December 9, 2012
In Agusan Del Norte, there is goddess jesusa (my grandmother).She lives in a simple way , she was a student before. In her teenage life, She meet god vicente (my grandfather) .He fell in love with lots of females.Jesusa was one of these. It was her good looks and kind hearted attracked him.

But goddess Jesusa really don’t like god vicente because of beiry playboy.Everytime god visits goddess, Goddess always pushed him away.But god never give up, he always sends her flowers . But time comer, goddess slowly develop with the god vicente .Then, showed their love each other.

After how many years, they had their siblings as afruit of their love .They had four children including my mother janneth Alaba.there are all having their studies .then suddenly .God decided to came here at General Santos City .he sacrificed leaving his family to look for a good job for a better life of his family.

Goddess and her four children were left in Agusan Del Norte ,Because they are waiting for their eldest child to graduated on his high school level.Then after the graduation ,they followed their father here in General Santos City.

So here,the four seblings of the god and goddess continue their studies until they graduated then,they find a good job and they also for their partners in life .they created their own family .They give grandson and grand daughters to the God and Goddess including me.and this was how my family settled down here in General Santos City.
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