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I am jhon cristopher M. Garcia. I’m 16 years of age. Leave in Sambat San Pascual batangas. I take (ACT) Associate in Computer Technology in (STC) or also known the sta. Teresa College. My father is Romy Garcia his job is maintenance. My mother is Nora M. Garcia she is a house wife. I have a broken family and I am with my father and my sister live to my mother in manila. when a have a free time I spend my time in playing basketball or playing guitar or boding my friends. For now my goal in life is to finish my study and when I graduate I find a job to help my family

My personality and development
A. heredity traits
I inherit to my father his eyes and his big nose and from my mother is her height also inherit to my mother her sneeze nose and synose. When I have doing something or when I am alone I don’t want to disturb me with someone I was irritate and feels angry I know I inherit it to my mother. B. Environment

My tita said that study well and when I was graduated she said that help my father to repay all of his hard working just to finish my studying and to graduate soon. And she said that my cousin is a graduate also from STC she also have a very good job she also help her family. now I think that my tita was right I study well and when I was graduate and have a good job a help my family to repay them. Self improvement

When I have something to change to myself is my behavior because I was very lazy and selfish. I want to change it because my father was angry to me because I am very lazy and selfish to my step sister. And if there was something to improve to myself I want to improve my skills in study. To improve it for the better I do all my assignment that the instructor given to me and always listen when my instructor was discussing a lesson. I do it for not just one subject but all of the subject to improve my skills in studying.


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