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All living creatures especially animals is very important and has the right to live. The animals of the world are everyone’s responsibility. They should be cared, loved and respect in their way of living. When I saw the movie “THE COVE” who led by the activist Ric O’ Barry, it opens my mind the importance of animals specifically the dolphins. They are the living mammals in the sea which they have their own way of living and habitat. Dolphins are endangered animals right now in the sea because of humans interest. They also have their feelings to be hurt and we should respect these living mammals. The town in Taiji,Japan is one of center of controversy for its annual dolphins hunting which pods dolphins are killed. I felt angry to the people of Taiji because they slaughtered more than 23,000 dolphins were killed every year. And the marine parks will pay 200,000 dollars for a captured dolphin. The treatment of these animals is horrible and disgusting. Stabbing many times is their way of killing dolphins and it is very inhumane and racism. I felt sad because they killed the dolphins “walang kalaban-laban”. That documentary touches my heart most. The best and very educated documentary I’ve ever seen. Because you will learn a lot of moral values and lessons that we know on how the animals is important especially dolphins. They are extremely intelligent mammal because they can understand the humans and humans understand them also. Dolphins are innocent creatures. They are all very lovely and playful with hearts and feelings. We should give importance and respect to all the living creatures in the world. Be EDUCATED!

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