Panera Bread Case Study

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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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Panera Bread Case Study
1. SWOT Analysis
Panera is a company with many strengths. Many of their strengths stem from their positive interactions with their customers. Panera’s first strength is their high level of customer loyalty and satisfaction. They ranked in the highest categories in both compared to their competitors. This is a distinctive competency that they hold, something that they do better than their rivals. Resulting from Panera’s high customer satisfaction is their next strength, positive word of mouth. The main focus of Panera’s marketing tactics relies on this word of mouth and it is something that they have consistently achieved. Panera also holds a strength in their diversified menu. The menu is very large and has options for all times of the day, from breakfast foods to high quality salads and paninis. Stemming from Panera’s strong menu is a strength is serving high quality (fresh baked bread, anti-biotic free chicken, etc.) food at reasonable prices. A huge strength that Panera possesses is their bread baking experience. High quality, fresh artesian bread is Panera’s specialty and the roots from which the company grew. The bread that is included in many of their menu items is the underpinnings of the restaurant and would be considered a core competency. Panera’s careful selection of their franchisees is yet another strength. Franchisee-run locations have higher sales averages than company-owned locations. A financial strength that Panera has is their lack of long term debt. A company that is not highly leveraged, like Panera, promotes a strong positive image to their investors and the public that the company is economically healthy. It is also an advantage during tough economic times because the company does not have to make payments or accrue interest on their loans. Yet another strength that Panera has fostered lies in their supply chain. While Panera typically receives its supplies from a consistent set of companies, they have...
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