Panera Bread

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Panera Bread (Draft)
February 14, 2012

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Executive Summary- Poligone (0)3
Organizational Mission- Poligone ()3
Strategic Analysis4
Five Forces- Ortiz (1)4
Competitive Strength Assessment- Ortiz ()7
SWOT Analysis- Bodenheimer ()8
SWOT Matrix- Bodenheimer8
TOWS Matrix- Bodenheimer8
Financial Analysis- Rhody ()8
Critical Issues- Miller (2)11
Alternative Courses of Action- Williams (3)13
Recommended Solution-Williams15

Executive Summary- (0)
Organizational Mission- ()

“We are bakers of bread. We are fresh from the oven. We are a symbol of warmth and welcome. We are a simple pleasure, honest and genuine. We are a life story told over dinner. We are a long lunch with an old friend. We are your weekday morning ritual. We are the kindest gesture of neighbors. We are home. We are family. We are friends.”

Panera Bread has a highly thought out in depth mission statement about who they are and what they symbolize. When you read the statement you get the sense that Panera is here to serve you in any way they can whether you are simply in and out for your breakfast or want to sit down and talk about a problem you might be having. They claim to be a place you can come in to and enjoy no matter what situation you find yourself in. The statement seems to suggest simplicity about Panera; they are a safe haven to enjoy the simplest matters in life, the smell of fresh bread from the oven, the warmth radiating off it, seeping into the dining area for customers to enjoy, the excitement of hearing about new people’s past experiences, the joy we get from helping others. All these things set the mood for a customer who not only wants the physical satisfaction of eating delicious food, but also the customer who wants a sensual experience as well.

While Panera’s mission statement encompasses many aspects it can be improved in two ways. First, one thing that is very vague is Panera’s dedication to giving back to the community. There are various programs which they operate to help citizens within the communities they serve. While their mission statement does suggest they are, “kind neighbors” it does not give Panera’s efforts justice. As a company dedicated to helping those in need, it should be a priority in their mission statement to get this point across to consumers. Second, their mission statement lacks a statement about the quality of their products. Rather than emphasizing the quality of their food they focus on the actual experience of receiving and eating the food. While this is not a negative thing, the statement would be improved by mentioning the actual quality of the products they offer.

Overall, I believe this is an effective mission statement. While they omit the quality of their product and are extremely vague about their presence in the community, the sensual nature of the statement really gets you to visualize the entire trip to Panera from start to finish. Before you even go to a Panera Bread you almost feel like you know what to expect once you walk in. It hits on all five senses to give you a full body experience unlike many other generic mission statements which are simply statements about community service, quality, or leadership. Despite what it is missing, not much about this mission statement should be changed. Panera Bread’s mission statement like their products is fresh and new, and it adds a certain flavor to the company which other businesses could learn from. Strategic Analysis

Five Forces- (1)
The five forces analysis model focuses on the competitive intensity of a market. The analysis is designed to assess the overall industry competitiveness level in which closely related products are sold (Five Forces Model- BUS 340). The interaction of the following five forces creates the industry environment: Competitor Rivalry

Rivalry is the strongest of the five competitive forces. Key factors of competitor rivalry include the number of...
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