Pandora Inc.

Topics: Music Genome Project, Advertising, Internet Pages: 2 (509 words) Published: September 15, 2013
Minimum of 5 sources on Pandora company, its product you chose, its sector, its competitions, and its prime prospects. Analysis with background (please separate into 3 sections: 1)History 2)Business model – include the management board and funding received 3)Quick glance at the competition conclusions, and recommendations sections. Keep the recommendations generic: Propose that the Pandora company should adopt a change in the marketing strategy, employ a media strategy that utilize multimedia, and initiate and advertising campaign. Create a SWOT matrix and integrate it into your document for visual communication. Make sure you use appropriate labels and title for the matrix.

Pandora Media Inc. provides radio services through the internet. The Company offers radio stations available to stream on computers and mobile phones. Pandora's services allow users to search on their favorite artists, genres, and songs while Pandora selects "stations" that match or are similar to their search.

The telecom consumer in 2020 - Rapid progress in the affordability and accessibility of technology will reshape the telecom consumer by 2020. Greater broadband Internet penetration in emerging markets such as India will unlock huge demand for online retail and entertainment platforms, while households in developed economies will focus on merging their devices with their environment. A major obstacle to consumer telecom uptake will likely be increasing state interference on the web and globally rising income inequality. Pandora (P) is the leading provider of internet radio in the United States and is well positioned to gain additional market of online display, mobile and radio ad markets. An investment in Pandora is a pure play on the rapid adoption of mobile internet connected devices and the mobile advertising revenue that comes with the territory. Pandora is well positioned to continue its momentum and take share from traditional radio as users migrate toward the greater...
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