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How many different ways can you get around in your community? Well in Fort Collins there are many different ways to can get around here in town. Some examples are car, bus, motorcycle, train, walking, and more. One of the most popular transportation is bicycling; this is great for keeping the air from getting polluted and staying in shape. There are many stores you can go to buy bikes. If you like originality in your bikes and are willing to spend little bit more money for a good bike that will last a lot longer that a cheap one which will probably not last as long; then Panda Bikes is for you! This store is very unique with a long history. Panda Bikes is indeed a natural, classic and original way to build bikes. They make their bikes out of bamboo from Vietnam with some steel. Their shop is located in down town Fort Collins near Ace Hardware. There is a long history behind this neat bike shop. Brace yourself it may be to cool for you! Jacob Castillo, John McKinney and Mark Schlink were in different parts of the world trying to make the world a cooler place with bikes and by finding stable housing and energy solutions for billions of the world’s poor in 2008. Later that year all three of them returned to Fort Collins and Colorado State University to finish their master’s degree in Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise. With a sort of ideas, business experience from around the world, also a stomach filled up with fire, theses 3 guys adventurers had their mind set on making something happen. This something was going to be huge. The Panda Bikes team hired in a rad engineer and designer named William Lord Reeves. He helped create their first bike this was called “The One” it was in corporate by natural materials and classic bicycle designs and also built to go to point A to point B with no problem. However it is not meant to go mountains biking. The bike was an instant hit. With a lot of work without sleep,...
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