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Indonesia is a country which has a strong philosophy to control the whole system of the country. In its preamble, the 1945 constitution sets forth the Pancasila as the embodiment of basic principles of an independent Indonesian state. These five principles were announced by Sukarno in a speech known as "The Birth of the Pancasila," which he gave to the Independence Preparatory Committee on June 1, 1945. In brief, and in the order given in the constitution, the Pancasila principles are: belief in one supreme God; humanitarianism; nationalism expressed in the unity of Indonesia; consultative democracy; and social justice. Sukarno's statement of the Pancasila, while simple in form, resulted from a complex and sophisticated appreciation of the ideological needs of the new nation. The details about each principles: 1. Belief in the one and only God

The symbol of this principle is star. This principle tells us about belief in God. It shows that the Indonesian people believe in life after death. It emphasizes that the pursuit of sacred values will lead the people to a better life in the hereafter. The principle is embodied in the 1945 Constitution and reads: "The state shall be based on the belief in the one and only God". It is represented by the star in the centre of the shield of the Garuda Pancasila. 2. Just and civilized humanity

The symbol of this principle is chain. This principle requires that human beings be treated with due regard to their dignity as God’s creatures. It emphasizes that the Indonesian people do not tolerate physical or spiritual oppression of human beings by their own people or by any other nation. The chain at the lower right of the shield symbolizes successive generations of humanity. 3. The unity of Indonesia

The symbol of this principle is banyan tree. This principle talks about the concept of nationalism, of love for one’s nation and motherland. Pancasila nationalism demands that Indonesians avoid feelings of superiority on the grounds of ethnicity, for reasons of ancestry and skin color. In his 1 June 1945 speech, Sukarno quoted Gandhi: I am a nationalist, but my nationalism is humanity. The Indonesian coat of arms enshrines the symbol of "Bhinneka Tunggal Ika" which means "unity in diversity". This is represented on the shield by the banyan tree at top right. 4. Democracy guided by the inner wisdom in the unanimity arising out of deliberations amongst representatives The symbol of this principle is the buffalo’s head. Pancasila democracy calls for decision-making through deliberations to reach a consensus. It implies that voting is not encouraged as long as deliberation is possible. It is democracy that lives up to the principles of Pancasila. The head of the wild bull at top left stands for this principle. 5. Social justice for the whole of the people of Indonesia The symbol of this principle is the rice and cotton. This principle calls for the equitable spread of welfare to the entire population, not in a static but in a dynamic and progressive way. This means that all of the country’s natural resources and the national potentials should be utilized for the greatest possible good and happiness of the people. Social justice implies protection of the weak. But protection should not deny them work. On the contrary, they should work according to their abilities and fields of activity. Protection should prevent wilful treatment by the strong and ensure the rule of justice. This is symbolized by the paddy and cotton ears on the shield. Those principle are the base of Indonesia. All the constitution, rule, regulation, law, and system in this country must follow those principles. All activities related with Indonesia cannot be contrarily with its state philosophy. This state philosophy also can help the government to solve some problems in the country. That is why Pancasila is made and conclude all aspects that are needed in country’s life.

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