Panasonic Japan's Changing Culture

Topics: Globalization, Economy, Economics Pages: 2 (552 words) Published: May 26, 2012
Case 3 – Panasonic and Japan’s Changing Culture
1. What were the triggers of cultural change in Japan during the 1990s? How is cultural change starting to affect traditional values in Japan? The triggers to Japan changing culture came by way of the “new kids on the block” thinking and becoming more focused on individualism than collectivism. Those participating in the new Japan no longer believe in the

Japan is moving towards more individualism than collectivism after the economic bubble. Nonetheless, this is a good opportunity for Japan to adapt to the globalization world and be more competitive. The cultural change will lead to greater mobility of employees, which means people will move around jobs more than before

2. How vulnerable is the Egyptian economy to a slowdown in global economic activity such as that which occurred in 2008-2009? The class system is what makes the Egyptian economy vulnerable. There is such a vast contrast and line of demarcation to those who have money and those who are living below the poverty line. With Egypt being new to conducting business in a global economy the recession in 2009 would play a major toll on the Egyptian economy, causing a decline in imports/exports coming in and going out of the country. Inflation and higher interest rates would also make Egypt vulnerable because of the recession. Tourism would be impacted as well, because Egypt’s economy relies heavily on tourism.

3. What are the potential risks inherent in Egypt’s current political system? What is the best case scenario going forward? What is the worst case scenario? One of the most apparent risks in Egypt’s current political system is that the current political system is old and antiquated. There is too much delineation between the “have and the have not’s”, and the political undertone needs to be more of a democracy, more so then a dictatorship, which would yield better results if Egypt’s government was to succumb to more of a democratic...
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