Panagbenga Festival: One of Baguio's Strenght in Boosting Its Tourism Economy

Topics: Baguio City, Benguet, Panagbenga Festival Pages: 12 (3352 words) Published: April 12, 2013
Panagbenga festival is a month-long annual celebration occurring in Baguio City. This festival is held during the month of February and it showcases the many floral floats and native dances. The highlights of the fewstivities include flowers, flower exhibits, lectures, garden tours, florac contest and parades and the showcasing of different cultural dances and local products.

Panagbenga festival started way back in 1995. It reflects the history, traditions and values of the people of Baguio and the cordilleras . the festival was created as a tribute to the city’s flowers and as a way to rise up from devastation of the 1990 earthquake. The festival hymn was composed by professor Macario Foronda , band of Saint Louis University. To this music was added the rhythm and movements of the Bendian Dance. “Panagbenga” comes from the Kankana-ey word which means season of blooming. (

Panagbenga represents the many facets of the Summer Capital, its people and heritage. Like the festival, the city blooms with brimming talent, natural beauty and indomitable spirit. With sights, sounds, smells and tastes of Baguio, every trip to the City of Pines becomes memorable experience to the visitors- local and foreign.

Every year, Panagbenga Festival attracts tourists to come and visit Baguio. Many are coming up to witness the festival and no doubt even foreign tourists are enjoying it, in line with this , businesses are growing. Thus Panagbenga help in the growth of Baguio city and at the same time displays the culture and tradition of the cordilleras. It is a great 2

way to present the native dances, instruments and attires that many will appreciate especially the youths. “There are so many participants from different walks of life, from schools, from private organizations and local government units, they all participated, which gives more life to the festival,” source : Mr. Farinias, The Manila Times, Monday, February 27, 2012 Written by : Ritchie A. Horario . In here, we can see the involvement of different persons and organizations most especially the youths . these active participation of youths is a good sign that youths are growing and maturing. It is a great way to encourage some youths to join also these kind of activities that will avoid them from engaging themselves on the usage of illegal drugs and engaging themselves in those fraternities and sororities. It is also a way to show to them the culture and tradition of the city of Baguio and the province of Benguet which nowadays are being forgotten. Thesis Sentence

Panagbenga festival is a big help to boost the economy and to preserve the culture and tradition of Baguio City , Hypothesis
The researcher assumes the following points:
1.Panagbenga festival is a great way to attract local and foreign tourists to come and visit Baguio City. 2.Panagbenga festival helps to employ people or paves an opportunity for businessmen to sell their products. 3.Panagbenga festival is helpful tool to showcase the beautiful flowers and the different products of Baguio and Benguet and its surrounding provinces. 4.In connection to tourism, Panagbenga festival can also help in the growth of the economy of Baguio 5.Panagbenga Festival is a way to appreciate the culture of Baguio and Benguet. It is to show that Baguio and Benguet despite of modernization, have still preserved the culture and tradition that serves as one of the pride of the city.

Significance of the Study
Though we are entering a modern world, festivals which originated long ago are still preserved and even have undergone improvements and developments, too. Panagbenga festival becomes a one month celebration and one of the main attractions here in Baguio, but surely it’s not all about merriment but this festival has a big role in the growth of Baguio and even Benguet,...
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