Pan African Studies

Topics: Libya, Africa, Police Pages: 4 (1346 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Exam 1 Melissa Giron

1. Reflect on the anti-Apartheid struggle in South Africa and the challenges being faced by activists in today’s South Africa. Detail two lessons that Egyptian revolutionaries can learn from South Africa so that they do not repeat the same mistakes. In the uprisings of South Africa, there has been much struggle along with joy in the anti-Apartheid movement today. South Africa is still coping post Apartheid in situations that are less than fortunate. In the text it refers to the aftermath of Apartheid and the current living conditions. Years have passed and many citizens are living without water, electricity, or toilets. The education system has not bettered much either; South Africa is a two tier educational system, which condemns many children to precarious and dangerous lifestyle. Aside from the living conditions, activists today still deal with police violence. One of many was Andries Tatane who was brutally murdered for protesting against the police. South Africa is currently still struggling with the outcome of the post revolution, lack of organization, peace with the people from the government’s perspective, and police brutality. These are all issues that Egypt can learn from South Africa, and to not make the same errors by having organizing the effects of the outcome of a revolution and to repair the ties with the police force, as well as strengthen the employment rate for the country. South Africa post Apartheid has learned many lessons with the struggles they are currently undergoing. Egypt can learn from them by trying to avoid repeating the same mistakes. One lesson is that they should have a plan following success to organize the country. What happens if we win? South Africa did not think the aftermath through, which is why they are struggling today with so much poverty, violence, and education issues. They can map out and plan a proper governmental plan, which would include what the citizens...
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