Pamanahong Papel Tungkol Sa Adiksyon Sa Cellphone

Topics: Geological history of Earth, Gondwana, Mesozoic Pages: 4 (847 words) Published: January 9, 2013
Classification Outline
Topic Types of Public Transport
General Statement:
This is the age of movement; people cannot live without travel. Thesis Statement:
Public transport can be classified into three main types (POC) according to how many people use them: busses, ferries and the metro.
Body I
Topic Sentence:
The first type of public transport is busses, which are found everywhere. Supporting Ideas:
Support 1 - Advantages: frequent / stop everywhere / cheap
Support 2 - Disadvantages: crowded / uncomfortable
Body II
Topic Sentence:
The second type of public transport is ferries.
Supporting Ideas:
Support 1 - In summer useful / a wonderful way to travel
Support 2 - In winter cold / rough crossing
Support 3 - Noisey / Never have accidents / relaxing
Body III
Topic Sentence:
The final type of public transport is the metro.
Supporting Ideas:
Support 1 - Fast and cheap
Support 2 - Unsafe during an earthquake
Paraphrase of Thesis Statement:
Busses, ferries and the metro are the three classifications of public

The Biggest Haven: Earth

I. Earth's atmosphere
      A. Primitive atmosphere formed from volcanic gases             1. A process called outgassing
            2. Water vapor, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and several trace gases             3. Very little free oxygen
      B. Water vapor condenses and forms primitive oceans as Earth cools       C. Bacteria evolve
      D. Plants evolve and photosynthesis produces oxygen       E. Oxygen content in the atmosphere increases
      F. By about 4 billion years after Earth formed, abundant ocean-dwelling organisms that require oxygen existed II. Earth's history
      A. Precambrian Era
            1. 4.6 billion to 570 million years ago             2. 87% of Earth's history”
            3. Only sketchy knowledge
            4. Most Precambrian rocks are devoid of fossils             5. Precambrian rocks
a. Most are buried from view
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