Pamanahong Papel(Tuberculosis)

Topics: Cordillera Administrative Region, Banaue Rice Terraces, Eighth Wonder of the World Pages: 7 (1273 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Use preposition above and below in sentences.
Read preposition above and below in sentences.
Write the correct preposition.

Using preposition above and below in sentences
Write the correct preposition


Teacher’s ActivityPupil’s Activity
A. Preparatory activity
1. Spelling activity
Read these words then spell (flash cards)- Pupils read and spell farm F-A-R-M

2. Review:
when do we use is?- We use us when we talk of only
Will you use is in a sentence.- He is playing
* Mother is cooking.
When do we use are?- We use are when we talk to more than one.
Will you use are in a sentence- They are walking.
* They are dancing.
Very good!

3. Motivation:
Do you want to play class?- yes sir!
I will group you into two.
Form two small circles in front.
Each group will be given jigsaw puzzle.
Don’t open until I give signal. The group who
Finish first will shout “JUAN DELA CRUZ”
Are you ready?- yes sir
Open the form picture.

What did you form group 1?
What did you form group 2- We formed the Banaue Rice
Very good!
B. Presentation:
1. Reading the selection
Today we are going to reas the story about
“The Ifugaos” they are Filipinos who work
hard to earn a living. The Ifugaos are good
examples of hard working groups.

- Have you seen an Ifugao class?- yes sir!
This is how they look like (teacher shows
picture of an Ifugao)
Class listen and I will read a story for you.
- What would you do when the teacher is
reading?- Listen carefully, keep quite,
understand what being read.

Very good!

Are you ready class?- yes sir!
2. Unlocking of difficulties
But before I will read to you the story of the
Ifugaos, let us know first the meaning of the
following words.
* Terraces
* Wood carvers – (gawa sa kahoy)
* Statues – (bantayog)
* Weave – (woman weawing)

Now listen class so that I will read to you the story
about “The Ifugaos”.

The Ifugaos live in the Cordillera Mountains
of Northern Luzon. Long ago, the Ifugaos did not
have land for planting. So they built terraces along
the side of the mountains. The terraces become their
farms. They planted rice on them, many people go to
Banaue to see the rice terraces which is beautiful.
The Ifugaos are also good carvers. They make
statues out of wood. These carvings are used to decorate
homes and offices. They also weave attractive cloth
with many colors.
(The teacher show examples of carved decors from Baguio)

These are the example of weaven cloth- cheleco
- Blanket
- Bidang, etc.
*have the pupils read and answer the questions.
3. Comprehension Check-up
1.) Where do the Ifugaos Live?- The Ifugaos live in the Cordillera Mountains in Northern Luzon.
2.) Why do the Ifugaos plant rice- The Ifugaos plant rice to have on the Terraces? foods.
3.) What did the Ifugaos use to build- The Ifugaos use their hands to build the terraces the terraces.

4.) Why many people go to Banaue?- Many people go to Banaue to see
the most beautiful terraces.
5.) Why do the Ifugaos carve out- Ifugaos carve out of wood to make of wood? statues.
6.) How do you describe the Ifugaos?- The Ifugaos are industrious and helpful.

Very good!

Class, do you want to go to Rice Terraces?- yes sir
Alright, get ready and let’s go to the Rice Terraces.
Class, here we are at the Rice Terraces.
(Teacher points at the picture)
- What place is shown in the picture?- The Banaue Rice Terraces. - What do you see above the Terraces?- We see clouds above the Terraces. - Do the Ifugao farmers lived on the Terraces?- Yes sir!

- Where...
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