Pamanahong Papel Sa Tuberculosis

Topics: Parliamentary system, Presidential system, Head of state Pages: 2 (405 words) Published: June 24, 2011
No. The problem is not the system of government that the Philippines has, but the politicians who occupy positions in the government. It is because of all politicians' lack of accountability for their actions.

The Philippine system of government was exactly patterned after that of the American political structure. But ever wonder why there is much less degree of corruption in the US?. This is in spite of the fact that the two countries have identical political systems.

A parliamentary form of government is not the solution to the Philippine's political problems. Thailand has a parliamentary system of government, but still its prime minister was corrupt and had to be ousted by a military coup. Japan also has a parliamentary system of government, but a couple of months ago, its prime minister was forced to resign in disgrace because of corruption charges. The Czech Republic is yet another example. There are daily bloody street protests calling for its prime minister to resign because of lying to the people about the true state of the Czech economy. As of yet, the prime minister has not yielded to pressure and the protests go on. Indonesia is another country with a parliamentary system. It's former prime minister (Suharto) was embroiled in massive corruption scandals involving embezzlement of billions of dollars. Pakistan is another country with a parliamentary system that is ruled by a dictator (Pervez Musharaf), who is also currently mired in corruption charges. The country is in turmoil at the moment.

You see, there are just few examples of nations with parliamentary governments.

The fact of the problem is the horrible and rampant corruption in Philippine politics. It is very clear that every Philippine politician's intention of running for any government seat is to use his position to enrich himself once elected to office. It is ironic that every politician spends massively for his political campaigns (that runs in millions upon millions of pesos),...
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