Pamanahong Papel

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Intel CPU & Mboard Intel Celeron 430 (1.8G) 512kb 800FSB Intel E6600 (3.06G) 2mb 1066FSB PDC ECS G41T-R3/M7/M16 G41 VSL/ddr3 Asrock G31M-VS2 G31 VSL/ddr2 Asrock G41C-GS G41 VSL/combo Intel BLKDG41WV G41 VSL/ddr3 Asus P5G41T-M LX3 G41 VSL/ddr3 MSI G41M-P28 G41 ddr3/V/S/GL Intel G530 (2.4G) 2mb Celeron DC Intel G540 (2.5G) 2mb Celeron DC Intel G620 (2.6G) 3mb Pentium DC Intel G630 (2.7G) 3mb Pentium DC Intel Core i3-2100 (3.1G) 3mb Intel Core i3-2120 (3.3G) 3mb Intel Core i5-2320 (3.0G) 6mb Intel Core i5-2400 (3.1G) 6mb Intel Core i5-3450 (3.1G) 6mb 22nm Intel Core i5-3470 (3.2G) 6mb 22nm Intel Core i5-3550 (3.3G) 6mb 22nm Intel Core i5-3570 (3.4G) 6mb 22nm Intel Core i5-2500K-unlocked multiplier Intel Core i5-3570K (3.4G) 6mb 22nm Intel Core i7-3770 (3.4G) 8mb 22nm Intel Core i7-2600K (3.4G) 8mb Intel Core i7-3770K (3.5G) 8mb 22nm Intel Core i7-3820(3.6G)10mb LGA2011 Intel Core i7-3930K(3.2G)12mb 6 cores Gigabyte X79-UD3 LGA2011 MSI X79A-GD45 (8D) X79 LGA2011 Asus X79 Sabertooth X79 LGA2011 Biostar H61MGC H61 V/S/L Asrock (H61MVS-2230) (H61MDGS-2540) (H77M-4030) (Z77Pro3-5570) (Z77 Extreme4-7580) (Z77 Extreme6-9060) ECS H61H2-M2 GL v1.0 Giga Lan ECS H67H2-M3 (B3) V/S/L/ddr3 ECS H77H2-M3 GL v1.0 V/S/L/ddr3 ECS Z77H2-A3 Z77 Intel BLKDH61HO H61 VSL i3-only Intel BLKDH61WW H61 VSL Intel BLKDH61CR H61 V-dvi /S/L Intel BLKDH67BLB3 V/S/L/ddr3/hdmi Intel DH77EB V/S/GL Intel DZ77BH-55K V/S/GL Asus P8H61-M LX3+ H61 V/S/GL Asus P8H61-M LX H61 w/ parallel port Asus P8H77-M LE H77 VSL Asus P8P67 Deluxe Asus P67 Sabertooth Asus P8Z68 Series (MaximusIVGen3-11130) (Deluxe Gen3-13730) Asus P8Z77 Series (M-6570) (M Pro-7210)(V LE+-9330) (V-10970) (V Pro-13410) (V Deluxe-15740) (Z77 Sabertooth-13830) (MaximusV-14310) Gigabyte H61M-DS2 V/S/GL MSI H61M-P31 H61 V/S/L/solid caps MSI H61M-P23 H61 V/S/L/parallel port MSI H77MA-G43 VSL/ddr3/usb3 MSI Z77A-G43 Z77 MSI Z77A-GD65 Z77 3SLI/Dr.MOS Intel BLKD425KT Atom Sodimm DDR3 Intel Xeon 3.4 w/ G41 combo(MaQBoard) Intel D2700DC Atom DC Sodimm DDR3 Optical disk drives Retail Box (150) Sony DRU-870/880S 22x sata Lite-On 22x IHAS-122 sata Lite-On 24xIHAS-124/324 sata Lite-On 24x IHAS-224/524 Sata LS/LT Samsung 22x SH-S222/223 Sata LG 24x GSA-H24LS / GH-24NS90 Sata Asus 24x 24B3ST sata Pioneer slim portable DVD-ROM only Imation 8x slim portable Lite-On ETAU-108 slim portable Samsung SE-S084/208AB slim portable Samsung SH-B123L Blue ray combo Imation 52x cdr only Imation 4.7gb 16x dvdr only CD Jewel Case Memory DDR1/2/3 / Sodimm Kingston 2GB 667/800 ddr2 Corsair 2GB ddr3 (VS2GB1333D3) Kingston 2GB 1333 ddr3 PQI / Elixir 4GB 1333 ddr3 Corsair 4GB ddr3 (VS4GB1333D3) Kingston 4GB 1333 ddr3 2GB Kingston SODIMM ddr2 2GB Kingston 1333 SODIMM ddr3 4GB Kingston 1333 SODIMM ddr3 Kingston Hyper X memory 4gb (1600C9D3B1/4G) 1x4 4gb Genesis (1866C9D3/4G) 1x4 8gb Genesis (1866C9D3K2/8GX) 2x4 8gb (1600C9D3B1K2/8GX) 2x4 8gb (1600C10D3B1/8G) 1x8 Corsair memory series 2gb XMS3 (CMX2GX3M1A1333C9) 1x2 4gb XMS3 (CMX4GX3M1A1333C9) 1x4 *For other Corsair modules, please inquire G.Skill memory series RipJaws 8gb 1333 (10666CL9D) 2x4 RipJaws 8gb 1600 (12800CL9D) 2x4 RipJaws 8gb 1600 (12800CL10S) 1x8 Sniper 8gb 1600 (12800CL9D-SR2)2x4 Tablets Intex Tab (Azure-5090) (Avatar-6890) Samsung Tab 7” P3110 Wifi (3G-18010) Samsung Tab 10.1” P5100 Wifi & 3G Asus ME171 7” Wifi & 3G Asus TF101 Transformer 10.1” Ipad 2 16gb Wifi only Ipad 3 32gb Wifi only (64gb-33390) Ipad 3 32gb Wifi + 4G 13770 23310 21190 24995 19290 28510 34450 740 1110 1380 1540 2920 2650 2970 1400 510 530 910 920 930 1460 640 1020 Delkin 4gb SanDisk Flash Drives 4gb (Switch/ Blade/ Edge/ Slice-250) (Fit-290) 8gb (Switch/ Blade/ Edge/ Micro-310) 8gb (CZ36+ / Slice/ Facet- 350) (Fit-370) 16gb (Blade/Edge/Switch-460) (Facet-480) 32gb (Blade / Switch – 850) HP 155/220W (4gb-270) (32gb-930) Apacer AH325 (4gb-270) (8gb-320) Imation Nano (4gb-270) (8gb-320) (16gb-500) Flash Memory / Card reader 3.5” Internal flash card reader External Flash Memory card...
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