Palmal Group of Industries

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Palmal’s Background:
Established in the year 1984, Palmal group of industries ensure its quality, standards and is engaged in manufacturing of all kinds of knitted garments. Engr.Nurul Haque Sikder is the founder of company. Now he is present chairman of group. Managing director Mr.Nafis Sikder, son of Engr.Nurul Haque Sikder took the leadership in the year 2001. He is guiding the group with his wide experience and skill.

Business Intervention:

• Palmal is mainly RMG focused group of industries.
• Expanding in the areas of knit composite and other backward linkage industries.

Palmal’s Vision:

Palmal stands behind its garments products with quality assurance. Palmal believes that quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution. To provide customers with the most comprehensive sourcing, production, design & product development service, guaranteeing quality, competitive pricing & quick turnaround times with an excellent professional personalized service.

Palmal’s Mission:

Palmal’s mission is to be the market leader, in providing clothing from Bangladesh to its customers around the globe. To be a market leader it is committed to develop high quality, sophisticated and deviation-free products in its capacity and make on time delivery to its customers.

Objectives of palmal:
Palmal has name objective for the development of the society. The objectives of palmal are giving below:

1. To increase the economic development of the country.
2. To create employment opportunity.
3. To play positive in the process of industrial development of Bangladesh. 4. Palmal Assures quality and customer services.

Palmal’s Commitment-

• Regular production updates to the Importer.
• Facilitate & Co-ordinate the Buyer’s visits to Bangladesh. • Handle orders of any volume, style & color.
• Short lead times & in time delivery.
• Best quality and first service.
• Handle orders of any volume, style & color
• Excellent customer service.
• Best service from others.
• A headache & hassle free one stop solution to Importers • 100% clients satisfaction

|Corporate Offices of Palmal Groups : | |Due to space constraint, Palmal had to arrange its corporate office in 4 different buildings located in Gulshan-1 area. | |Offices identity |Location | |Corporate Head Office (MD and C.O.O’s Secretariat) |House # 16, | | |Road # 30, Gulshan-1 | |Admin. & Compliance Dept. |House # SWB/20, Road # 08, Gulshan-1 | |Commercial, Transport, Maintenance, Wal-Mart Sample and |House # 2B, | |Banking |Road # 29, Gulshan-1 | |Mainstream HRM, Factory HR, Sweater Division, Local |Crystal : Point, H # 2, R # 21, Gulshan-1 | |Procurement, Accounts, T&OD Dept., Merchandizing(Partly) | |

Board of Directors
|Name |Position | |Engr. Nurul Haque Sikder |Chairman | |Mr. Nafis Sikder |Managing Director & CEO | |Mrs. Meherunnesa Haque...
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