Palm Oil

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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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the world’s largest unilever is one of nts, selling food processing gia d cosmetic brand household food an er y country names in nearly ev e RSPO. It is president of th


unilever Photos of you travelled Where Unilever’s fOOD fiGhT ver challenge Unile their profile Edit friends 20 0 friends d for agri‘conversion of lan eat to is the biggest thr culture e nforests alongsid tropical rai g…There are inillegal loggin development stances where the plantations has of new oil palm of forests with led to conversion lue and has conservation va high ersity ed the rich biodiv threaten e of osystems. The us of these ec oil ration of land for fire for prepa also contributes palm planting d widespread to forest fires an vast areas.’ lluting ha ze over po patrick cescau

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Patricia a. Woert z (aDm)

Gre gory R. Page (cargill)

franky Widjaja (Sinar mas)

ina ble unilever, susta tive agricultur e initia

unilever’s palm oil prod uc ts

be rt Sabri ahmad Ro Kuok (Golden hope)

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profit from RSPO • how to climate change photos

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aDm-kuokwilmar is a sh areholder alliance betwee n ADM and th e Kuok family controlin g over 570,00 0 hectares of concession area, palm oil refineries and biodiesel plants across Indonesia and Malaysia.


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Photos of aD m Wilmar Where aDm Wilmar’s tra velled fOOD fiGhT challenge aD m Wilmar Edit their pro file friends 20 0 friends

aDm wilmar

privately-held cargill is the largest is a major any in the world. It comp and owner, trader, refiner plantation lm oil r of palm oil and pa distributo lm biodiesel. It has pa products including esia, tions across Indon oil related opera w Guinea, Europe, Malaysia, Papua Ne ssia, and the USA. Australia, India, Ru cargill

Patrick ce scau Unilever)

Gre gory franky R. Page Widjaja (cargill) (Sinar mas)

ADM Pura Fo ods operates a jet ty outside London handling more than 300,000 tonnes of edibl e oils a year, including palm oil. These bulk oils are de livered directly into th e Unilever factory next do or, the largest margarine fac tory in the world, produc ing brands such as Flora and Bertolli.

Photos of you elled Where cargill’s trav fOOD fiGhT challenge cargill Edit their profile friends 200 friends

every ‘Unfor tunately, not erates palm developer op ts have responsibly. Fores times been logged (some m for illegally) to make roo stroying palm plantations. De a net sts to plant palm is fore bon ative for trapping car neg igating climate and mit change.’ favourite palm oil produc ts?

Sabri hmad en hope)

Robe rt Kuok

favourite pa

lm oil prod

uc ts?

Patricia a. Woe rtz (aDm)

franky Patrick Widjaja cescau (Sinar mas) (Unileve r)

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oups See all PO • how to profit from mate change co2 world traveller


Sabri ahmad (Goldenhope)

Robert Kuok

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fit from RSPO • how to pro climate change pho factbook tos Profile edit Friends Networks

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k. g to expand its landban sinar mas is plannin oil ounts for 11% of palm The group already acc production in Indonesia.

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golden hope is a Malaysian government ow company cont rolling plantati ons, refineries biodiesel plant and s across Indon esia and Mala ysi

sina r mas Photos of Sinarmas elled Where Sinarmas’s trav fOOD fiGhT challenge Sinarmas Edit their profile friends 200 friends

Sinar Mas has publicly announced plans to the expand its landbank in e of heavily forested provinc rnal Papua. However, an inte...
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