Palliative Care Bridged to Hospicee Care

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As the population continues to live longer the demand to provide improved end of life medical care is rapidly increasing within the health care. Hospitals and Physicians need to incorporate the hospice philosophy of patient care in order to meet the need of the chronic and terminally ill patients and their families. I have had the fortunate experience to work for a Hospice program and to experience the care that is needed in caring a terminally ill patient, however; not being able to care for a patient who is seeking aggressive treatment is troubling. Throughout my work experience in health care, I have become aware of the health care system and its downfalls. Patients are not being cared for through the appropriate venue of health care providers nor are they being cared for throughout their lifetime under continuous care.

A major issue of concern is patients’ need for relief of pain and symptoms surrounding the chronic and terminally ill, the transition into the topic of End of Life Care. The need to address patient and family’s concerns, such as: “people have come to both fear a technologically over - treated and protracted death and dread the prospect of abandonment and untreated physical and emotional stress” (last act). A problem exists when a patient’s needs are not address due to provisions and limitations in pursuit of receiving continuous medical care.

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The need for this research is to obtain information in order to offer this information to the health care provider. The importance is to offer continuum of care to chronically and terminally ill patients. HYPOTHESIS:

My hypothesis of this research is: “How Palliative Care bridged with Hospice creates a Continuum of Care for patients and families”. I will attempt to express the need and benefits of implementing a bridge between a palliative care programs in collaboration with a hospice partnership. DELIMITATION:

The delimitation regarding this topic is: the healthy population. . DEFINITIONS:
Palliative care is an innovative approach to treating the whole – person, mind and spirit as well as their medical needs. The focus on palliative care is to relieve patient’s of physical and emotional suffering and with hope to improve quality of life at any age, any stage and in any setting. Palliative care is offered to patients at the end stages of life, it is for anyone living with a terminal illness in advanced stages. Its ultimate goal is to provide a patient the best possible quality of life while coping with an illness or disease. (Consortium). The myths and misperceptions surrounding this topic must be changed through the palliative care approach (see Q & A sheet,CAPC)

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Hospice Care includes control of physical and psychological pain, access to medical and nursing care, and emotional support along with pre-bereavement for the patient and family and further support for the family upon the patient’s death. Hospice is End of Life Care and is offered to patients when there is no longer a curative treatment available.

Create is to allow the palliative care team in conjunction with the hospice team to act as liaison between the hospital/physician, other health care services; building bridges between health care providers without a gap.

Continuum of Care is a unifying conceptual umbrella, a structure from which all clinical practices could flow in unison of care to the patient. The collaboration of professionals; which forges relationships of networking, for the benefit of building support for patient, family and professionals. No break in health care services, a continuous circle of care, which is shared. ASSUMPTIONS:

Patients have been receiving continuum of care throughout the multiple-years of an illness. Patients have been receiving continuum of care...
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