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Chapter 5: Pallet Storage and Retrieval Systems Part B


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Pallet Retrieval Systems y
• • • • • • • • • Hand pallet trucks p Walkie stackers Counterbalanced lift trucks Straddle trucks Straddle reach trucks Sideloader trucks Turret trucks Hybrid trucks Automated storage and retriveal (AS/RS) machines hi 2

Hand Pallet Trucks (Manual (Man al Pallet Jack)
• Manually operated • Low cost, high versatility • Di d Disadvantage: t – Short distances – Labor intensive


Manual Pallet Jack


Walkie Stackers


Walkie Stackers
• Operator steers from a walking position behind the vehicle • Can stack loads 3 loads high • Offers both pallet retrieval/putaway and truck loading/unloading • Low cost • Disadvantage: – Short distances

• Used when low throughput, short travel distances and low vertical storage height and low cost requirements 6


Counterbalanced Lift Trucks


Counterbalanced Lift Trucks
• Counterbalance in the back of the truck to stabilize loads l d carried and lif d i d d lifted • Gas or battery powered • Offers both pallet retrieval/putaway and truck loading/unloading • < 25 feet height reach • C not store d bl d Can t t double-deep • Longer range than walkie stackers • Benchmark vehicle for all other pallet retrieval vehicles • Disadvantage: – Wide turning radius required to turn the vehicle in an aisle, requires aisle width of 11-12 ft – … but this is not a problem in block stacking, drive-in and drive-thru rack and pallet stacking frames.


Straddle Trucks
• Requires less aisle width (8-10 feet) than (8 10 counterbalanced truck • Disadvantage: – Outriggers have to be driven into the rack


Straddle Reach Trucks


Straddle Reach Trucks
• Requires less aisle width (8-10 feet) than counterbalanced truck • Reach capability with a scissor reach mechanism h i • Outriggers don’t have to be driven into the rack • Double-deep reach truck: Allows the forks to...
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