Palladian Style

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November 5th, 2012
Palladian Style
Palladian style is a style of architecture derived from the designs of the architect Andrea Palladio (1508–1580). Palladio's work was strongly based on the symmetry, perspective and values of the formal classical temple architecture of the Ancient Greeks and Romans.

The Palladian window (figure 1) function as an important characteristic in Palladio’s early career. A Palladian window is a large window that is divided into three parts. The center section is larger than the two side sections, and is usually arched. Renaissance architecture and other buildings in classical styles often have Palladian windows. (figure 1)

Villa Rotunda (figure 2) in Vicenza was one of Palladio's most influential designs. Palladio’s design principle was derived from Classicism, yet he arranged Classical elements creatively such as the four identical porches here. This feature of the Villa Rotunda represents an unexpected exaggeration: although Classical in proportion and appearance, no Roman temple would use a porch on every side. (García-Salgado)   (figure 2)

Although Palladio’s buildings are all in a rather small part of Italy, his influence was widespread. One factor in the spread of his influence was the publication in 1570 of his architectural piece, “I Quattro Libri dell'Architettura”, also known as “The Four Books of Architecture” (figure 3), which set out architectural rules others could follow. The first book includes studies of decorative styles, classical orders, and materials. The second book included Palladio's town and country house designs and classical reconstructions. The third book has bridge and basilica designs, city planning designs, and classical halls. The fourth book included information on the reconstruction of ancient Roman temples. (figure 3)

Palladian style became popular in other Europe such as England, Ireland and Prussia in early 18 century. Later in the century,...
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